Primary School consists of six years, organized in three two-year cycles. Throughout all this stage, English classes are divided in two groups, so that children can get individualised attention and learn at their own pace. In the first cycle, the division is done depending on the level of maturity and reading-writing skills. In the second and third cycles, the criterion to divide the class is their level of English.

Building upon the same principles followed in the pre-primary stage, the curriculum in primary education has been designed so that children are naturally exposed to English, not only in the English subject but also in other areas. With this in mind, children takePhysical Education and Arts in English. This, added to the regular English classes, makes for a total of 9 teaching hours in English, out of the 25/26 comprised in the timetable (this means that English is the language of instruction for more than a third of the total hours).

They also meet a native language and culture assistant regularly (two hours per week in the first cycle, one in the rest), which allows them to learn the culture of different English-speaking countries, as well as reinforcing the use of English as a means of communication.

Teachers strive to create spaces where learning is motivating, and where children grow to love English. To achieve this, they use a number of resources such as storytelling, poems, rhymes and songs, among others.

As part of the benefits of being a part of the BEDA Programme, students have the possibility to take official Cambridge Exams. The schedule for 2015/2016 is that students will sit the following exams:

  • End of Year 2: Starters
  • End of Year 4: Movers
  • End of Year 6: Flyers
Entrega de Diplomas de Cambridge
El lunes 7 de noviembre, los alumnos de 5º de Educación Primaria  y 1º de ESO nos reunimos para celebrar la entrega de diplomas de losexámenes de Cambridge que se realizaron el curso pasado. Los niveles a los que se presentaron los alumnos fueron: Starters, Movers yFlyers.

Fue una ceremonia emotiva y esperada por parte de todos, alumnos y profesores. Los resultados de los candidatos fueron muy buenos y quisimos celebrar juntos el éxito de un trabajo bien hecho.

¡Muchas felicidades a todos!

Last Mondday, November 7th, pupils from 5th grade of Primary and 1stgrade of Secundary got together to celebrate the delivery of Cambridge diplomas from the last year exams.

It was an emotional ceremony and expected by all of us, teachers and pupils. The results of the exams were very good and we wanted to celebrate all together the success of a well done work.

Congratulations everyone!!


Candidates´ results:

Reading & writing Listening Speaking
EXCELLENT 38% 60% 93%
VERY GOOD 45% 33% 7%
GOOD 17% 7% 0%

201011_EP_Cam_01 201011_EP_Cam_02

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